The fourth finger of the left hand is known as the “ring finger” because the wedding band is placed there. Next, we explain to you why this tradition is due.
Wedding rings symbolize, according to tradition, love, commitment and faithfulness of a couple, the promise of being together “until death do you part.” We clarify all your doubts!

he marriage of people with a ring is incredibly old. They have been used in marriage since ancient Egypt, although, at that time, only women wore it. They were a gift that the groom made to the bride, as a symbol of trust in her. Its round shape is because the Egyptians symbolized love with a circle that had neither beginning nor end. It was an infinite love. It was in the middle of the 20th century when men also adopted this custom. This tradition has come to the present and is a fundamental part of any wedding celebration.
But have you ever wondered why wedding rings are worn on the ring finger?
here is a belief in ancient and wise Chinese culture, which gives each finger a special meaning. According to Chinese tradition, each finger is assigned to a pillar of life: to annul the couple (so the ring must go on that finger), the index finger to the brothers, the middle finger to oneself, the pinky to the children and the thumb to the parents. 

Put your hands as it appears in the photo of the beginning of the article.

Once this position is achieved try to separate the little fingers, you can right? That is because children can separate from us and live their lives.
try to separate the index fingers, you can also, that is because our brothers can separate from us as our lives go.
try it with your thumbs, you can also separate them, that is because we can also live away from our parents.
Finally t
ry to separate the ring fingers, impossible right? That is because the ring finger represents the couple and, once committed, should not live apart.
Interesting theory, right? As always, Chinese culture is incredibly wise.
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