If the value, always on the rise, of handmade jewelry, we add the undeniable value that the author brings, we will have a unique, unrepeatable jewel.

Handmade jewelry can be based on the serial repetition of a specific model, which is done in an artisanal way. If we add the creation of the jewel to this manual process, we will obtain an author’s jewel.

The author’s jewelry considers handmade jewelry as an opportunity to express her creativity, to create a personal discourse, to convey hidden emotions and feelings inside the jewelry.

This whole set of features makes the value of the author’s jewelry much greater. This type of handmade jewelry is much more valued today, since they are unique pieces, there are no two models the same.

In addition to these previous features they also have others:

The conception: they are conceived and designed individually.

The elaboration: It is a totally handmade and creative process. That includes correct error, to get to achieve the effect, the emotion, that the jewel wants to transmit.

Materials: The materials used to make this type of jewelry are always precious metals, precious stones and pearls. Although the creative process can play with the mixture of alternative materials, such as wood, in order to visually impact the viewer.

Txispy Jewelry is the result of years of dedication to the creation of unique jewels, adding to this value the fact of always using recyclable and non-polluting materials in the creative process.

Jewels Txispy has its own artisan workshop where it makes all its author’s jewels from beginning to end.

Visit our online store and discover the result of the creative process of Txispy Jewels.