Just as we like to decorate ourselves from time immemorial with all kinds of clothes, ornaments and accessories, in Txispy Jewels we like our rings to have natural stones, be they precious or semiprecious stones, that decorate and give more personality to our and those who He wears
Natural stones are carved and molded to obtain pieces for jewelry, in addition to clothing or other accessories, some stones have heating processes or other treatments to preserve or give more luminosity to their colors, but when we talk about natural stones, it is because we do not They carry no treatment.
In Txispy Jewels we work with natural stones such as amethyst, labradorite, aventurite or quartz, among many others, as you can see on our website.
In Txispy Jewels we create unique rings with natural stones through designs made from an emotion or a feeling that that natural stone generates.
To create our rings with natural stones, we select them according to the sensitive connection that this mineral creates for us, and we design their specific and unique crimp, trying to transmit that connection.
We can choose flat or curved stones, the latter being the ones that create the most optical effects.
As our readers can imagine, depending on the type, size and shape of the stone, the ring will look completely different, even if it is a ring from the same collection
Visit our online store and discover the result of our creative and sensitive process.