Symbology and jewelry

A symbol (a word that derives from the Latin simbŏlum) serves to represent, in some way, an idea that can be perceived from the senses and that presents features linked to a socially accepted convention. The symbol has no similarities or a contiguity link with its meaning, but only establishes a conventional relationship.

In Txispy Jewels we like the symbology of colors, words, minerals and shapes. In our descriptions of the pieces we always refer to the symbology that led us to its creation.

We understand as a symbol all those drawings or diagrams that are intended to synthetically represent an idea, a sensation, an object, a brand. The symbol is one of the most important elements of any language as it serves to communicate but without needing large texts or words. This happens because he is immediately recognized and he who as a public observes it must know its meaning to understand what it refers to.

The symbol is an important element of communication between human beings. When we talk about communication we are referring to the act by which two people exchange ideas or thoughts, but for that to be achieved, both people involved in the communication act must understand what each of the words or terms used are . The same happens with the symbols since they do not always explain their meaning but in most cases it is hidden, implicit and people recognize it from the previous understanding of the symbol.

There are many elements in communication that can be understood as symbols when one normally only recognizes some. Each of the letters we are using when writing this text acts as a symbol of a sound that becomes recognizable and can form words. Also symbols are those that are used to make mathematical accounts, or the drawings that one can make. Many things can become symbols as long as their meaning is understood and then by placing that graphic representation (for example the peace symbol) you know what it means.

The symbols are very important in the communication and even the cultures that did not develop a written language had them since each one of them could represent a complex idea. Hieroglyphs for example are a clear sample of communication based on symbols where each one does not represent a sound but an idea or concept, which makes them much more complex.

Today, many symbols are associated with brands and companies since in the world of business communication it is very important to develop a design that is recognizable later with the product. Therefore, each company, each brand or business develops a unique symbol, which no one else can use and that seeks to distinguish the product or service from another in such a way that when you see that design you immediately recognize what you are trying to talk.Visit our online store and discover the symbology of our rings.