In this post we will explain everything that is known about the philosopher’s stone, the legends and myths that surround it, its meaning and its powers … and we will check to what extent everything that is said about it is true.
And it is that this stone is so extremely enigmatic and is so linked to the magicians and alchemists that it has even become part of the Harry Potter saga, this little wizard with whom we have been growing or aging as you look.
But we do not come to talk about it, so, without further delay, let us reveal all the enigmas that surround this stone. So what is the philosopher’s stone? Apparently it is not a stone as such but it is an alchemical substance that was used to
transform certain metals into precious metals, such as lead, which could be converted into gold or silver.
This fact would vary according to the color of the philosopher’s stone that was used in the transformation, since there are supposed to be two tones:
• A
red one, which would turn metal into gold
• And a
white one, which would turn it into silver.
That is something that today with the scientific knowledge that is known is not possible.
Let’s see, we must also say that they have tried, of course; and that they have achieved the transformation, it is also true, but only for a few seconds, because the atoms of lead transformed into gold disintegrated in seconds.
Another capacity attributed to the philosopher’s stone, although less mentioned, is the fact of being able to
transform any type of common crystal into a precious stone, such as diamond.
The philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life
Let’s go with the following myth, the
philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life and the great power that was assigned to this stone that could make you live in a whole youth.
And it was also believed that this stone had the power to cure any type of disease and therefore of the immortal of that person who carried it.
With all this we have just told you, you will understand that in its day it was the most sought and desired stone … just as it happened at the time with the chalice of eternal life.
There is a legend behind the fact of possessing the philosopher’s stone to be immortal and it was said that the person who carried it with him in addition to living eternally could turn everything he touched into gold, but if he abused this power, the person also It would turn into gold as punishment for his greed.
It is also said that she has the power to rekindle dead plants.
But obviously as we have started by saying, it is still another myth of the Middle Ages curious to know about the powers so amazing that they attributed to this mystical stone.
What does the philosopher’s stone mean
After having seen the two great myths surrounding the philosopher’s stone, we would like to discuss now the most esoteric part that surrounds this stone and share with you what other meanings it has and with what it relates.
We will start with one of the deepest feelings that human beings have, love; and it is that the philosopher’s stone is related to this great and deep feeling, because as they say everything that love entails is something big as gold could symbolize, which is one of the most coveted precious metals.
And both, love and gold, lead to happiness (or so it is supposed) that is another of the feelings attributed to him that favors this stone.
It is also associated with communication with everything spiritual, but this power could only reach the alchemists who are the ones who really treat the stone with the respect and care it deserves.
Is there a philosopher’s stone?
Yes, the philosopher’s stone really exists and is basically composed of lead, sulfur and gold based on iron pyrite, known as iron disulfide (FeS2), whose combination according to the medium in which it is found, either with heat, cold, humidity or dryness thus behaves and varies its color.
And indeed this stone has the ability to transform other metals that are in contact with it, but as we said this change does not last long and really is useless.

After all that we have told you, it is more than clear that everything that surrounds the philosopher’s stone is no more than myths and stories of the Middle Ages that have reached our days. However, it is good to know the myths on which our culture is based.

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