If you are a curious person and interested in the meaning of our behaviors, you may have asked yourself why there are people who prefer to wear the rings on one finger or another. Like almost human behaviors this choice also has an emotional meaning.
According to hand analysts, the finger on which you choose to wear a ring can reveal something hidden about your personality, behavioral tendencies and even your emotional state.
Skeptics can argue that it doesn’t matter on which finger you wear a ring and that it doesn’t matter because they are all the same, but it’s interesting to analyze that on many occasions a ring just doesn’t feel right on a certain finger, but if it feels comfortable and comfortable in other.
This feeling that the ring is comfortable in a given finger hides a hidden meaning. Today we will try to explain from a spiritual, symbolic and somewhat esoteric level, what it means to wear the ring on each finger.
What does the ring on each finger mean
Next, we will detail what the ring on each finger means for both men and women.
What does the ring on the thumb mean
According to the spiritual and symbolic meaning of each finger, wearing a ring on the thumb is related to 2 aspects of people’s lives:
• Control over things
• Strength and aggression
In some people the thumb ring may reveal a desire to have control over different aspects of their lives.
They may have a great need to do things their own way. For example, many fashion designers wear rings on the thumb, since they somehow want to influence others on what they should wear.
On the other hand, it reflects strength and aggression, since the thumb is symbolically related to the desire to express aggressive tendencies to have greater control over things.
What does the ring on the index finger mean
Putting the ring on the index finger is symbolically related to 3 aspects:
• Being and self-esteem
• The ambition
• The leadership
One of the main aspects related to the index finger is the desire to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence.
People who wear rings on the index finger may be in a situation where they need more self-confidence to move forward.
Following this same idea, using a ring on that finger, the person feels with much more ego and power, and the larger and more elaborate the ring is, the greater the ego that can be perceived.

Another aspect has to do with ambition. Wearing a ring on this finger symbolizes an unconscious attempt at a quest to ambition more. This type of rings is usually used by people with great need for recognition and who aspire to great goals.
In palmistry, the index finger is directly related to the ability of leadership in people.
Using a ring on the index finger denotes ambition, desire to be able and be the leader, being strong and capable. It is interesting to see how in many portraits of kings or monarchs and famous leaders of history, they wore large rings on the index finger.
The ring in the index is the symbol of leadership
What does the ring on the middle finger mean
Wearing a ring on the “heart” finger symbolizes the following:
• Duty and responsibility
• Feeling restricted by a person who is due respect
• Fear of being alone
It is the finger that is symbolically related to responsibility and duties. That is, the person who wears a ring on this finger feels pressured and limited by their responsibilities, feels they must do what they have to do; act appropriately, do the work properly, be sensible, be mature, organized.
On the other hand, there is a spiritually important relationship with fear of feeling oppressed by someone who inspires a lot of respect, we are talking about a boss, a teacher, the father, a government entity and others.
Wearing a ring on this finger could be an indication of feeling restricted by respected people, or it could be a sign that you need support and strengthening to defend your convictions, even if the respected society does not agree with what you want to do.
In the same way the person who uses a ring on the middle finger could be showing a way to rebel before said society or person who oppresses, because this finger has been used for years as the symbol of rebellion against the system by putting it only raised upwards.
In palmistry, this finger is also related to fear of being alone and is somehow a way to get attention to strengthen the feeling of being surrounded by other people.

What does the ring on the ring finger mean
The ring finger is symbolically related as follows:
• Need for emotional support
• Creativity and art
• Sense of adventure
If you are looking for which finger the maiden ring is on, you should know

which is placed on this ring finger. But keep reading that we will explain in detail means the ring on this finger.
Before explaining the aspects for which a ring is used on the ring finger, it is important that although this is traditionally the finger on which the engagement and marriage ring is placed, many people only do so because it has been tidy and not because they really feel good when wearing a ring on this finger or not.
With the lack of harmony with what feels intuitively good, the subconscious meaning of the use of the ring on this finger is canceled.
For many people it is the right thing to do because most do it. Having said that, there are times, especially in single people, when a ring on the ring finger can make them feel comfortable, despite not being compromised.
Why does this happen? It is not chance, because unconsciously the emotional situation or personality attracts them to feel at ease when putting the ring on the ring finger, and this is related to the symbology of that finger.
The ring finger is the emotional finger, it is the finger of sentimental relationships. This is why it has been used hundreds of years ago as a symbol of alliance.
If you unconsciously wear a ring on the ring finger, it can sometimes convey that you feel you need support and strength in regards to your emotions. If we see it as a symbol on this finger, it can be found in single people who really unconsciously want to be in a relationship, wearing a ring on this finger.
On the other hand, it is the finger related to art, creativity and the need for strengthening in these fields.
It also denotes the subconscious strength of being more adventurous and risky. On the other hand, if your nature is already risky and adventurous, but is silenced or restricted for some reason, putting the ring on the ring finger is indicating that repressed desire.

What does the ring on the little finger mean
One or more of the following points may apply to someone who wears a ring on their little finger.
• Business and money
• Very active sexuality
• Communication
In palmistry the little finger is related to abundance, wealth and business skills.
It is no coincidence that often the typical stereotype of a person who has a strong taste for money as wealthy people, great magnates and celebrities wear a pinky ring. This has been seen in actors or singers such as Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, among others.
A ring on this finger indicates the importance of material things and wealth in the person wearing it.
However, the creation of money does not have to relate only to business, since sometimes it is discovered that men or women who are looking for a better standard of living or who are looking for marriage for money, can wear a ring on one or both fingers pinkies
On the other hand, there is a great link with sexuality. Wearing a ring on the little finger, especially if it is on the left hand, may indicate sexual problems or temporary relationships. It can be something as simple as working hard to earn more money means you neglect your partner.
The little finger is also the communication finger and the rings tend to indicate a sense of restriction.
How can you manifest a restriction in communication? One possibility is that people who wear a ring on the little finger can forbid themselves from saying something, so they can find themselves not being 100% open about the things they feel and holding back.
The rings on the little finger are sometimes found in celebrities, politicians and media connoisseurs, who are very careful about what they allow themselves to say and reveal to the public.
This is the symbol of economic wealth
What does it mean to wear the ring on the left or right hand
The left hand is related to the personal and private life of a person, for example, at home, with their spouse or with their family, while the right hand is related to public life, for example, at work, in the University, in society and others.
The right hand is the symbol of power, affirmation and will; The left hand is that of the heart and emotions, the ring in the left hand is why it has traditionally been used for alliances, engagements or marriages.

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