What to do and what not to do with them
We will share with you some tricks and tips on maintaining Txispy Jewels. So that they are always perfect and so that they are eternal. I anticipate that the classic myth of removing jewelry to do is practically that, a myth.
First rule, maximum quality
The first thing is that the jewels are made with quality materials. They are made to accompany you at any time of the day like this … What would be the point of taking them away the more you need them?
Maintenance of your txispy jewelry
I think it is important to distinguish between: a jewel that spoils easily and a jewel that deteriorates with use.
As I mentioned earlier, Txispy Jewels are designed to last forever. You can use them to go to college, the office, the gym, the beach or that special dinner…. Of course, the greater the use, the greater the deterioration, but do you want a perfect jewel kept in the jeweler or a jewel full of stories and experiences? I second, but you decide.
The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in any situation. You choose. If you feel that in the gym the jewels are not comfortable because they stick to your skin, do not wear them. If you have a Txispy jewel that makes you fall in love and fills you with happiness, use it only at special moments and you have it resting in the jeweler, phenomenal too.
Let’s see some products and substances that can deteriorate your jewelry a bit and make them look less bright.
What products deteriorate my jewelry?
√ Chlorine
√ The alcohol of perfumes
√ Sea salt
√ The acidity of sweat
√ Creams and lotions
If in spite of the list of factors and substances that deteriorate the jewels of Jewels Txispy you have any doubt about their care, substances or maintenance write to Our customer service is fully customized. You will not have to fill in generic forms, we want to know your name and how we can help you. We will be pleased to assist you.
Your jewelry always clean.
Sometimes, we confuse the deterioration of the piece with its use dirt. You can clean them, to do so, use a soft cloth or chamois and wash them with neutral soap and warm water.
I share a tip…
If you are one of those who uses the jewels of Txispy Jewels daily, but takes them off for sleeping or for the shower, I recommend that you have the super jeweler at hand, such as on the nightstand. If you store it in a chest of drawers it is likely that in the morning (especially if you are in a hurry) you forget to wear them.
I remind you that if you have any questions you can write to
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