Eight common mistakes to avoid when giving a jewel this Valentine’s day, avoiding last minute failed purchases and sad mistakes.
The art of giving for Valentine’s Day does not have so much mystery: it is enough to follow our heart, pay attention to that inner little voice that guides us. Be more intuitive than rational.

We dedicate this little guide to know those common mistakes and to give you small tips to correct them. And may your gift this Valentine’s Day be perfect. To really convey what your heart feels towards that special person.
1.- Be afraid of jewelry.

Lets start by the beginning. The World of jewels does not have to scare you. Even if you think you are sailing in unknown waters, jewels are an instant memory that you generate for a lifetime. Forget about the institutionality and the protocol, giving a jewel does not always have to appeal to the greatest commitment and yes to the love you have for that person.
2.-To think that “more is more”.

Big mistake. Perhaps because we still drink from those words of Marilyn that reminded us that diamonds are women’s best friends. Precisely one of the maxims of fashion is that “less is more” and, sometimes, a simple and small piece, is the key to finding the perfect gift.
3.- Give classics to a modern person and vice versa.
We often tend to give away ostentatiously, without thinking about what that person likes. We think that something very expensive and sophisticated will make us look better than something simple and minimalist and cheaper. Each person has their own style and tastes, and precisely on Valentine’s Day is the right time to show that we really know that person, that’s why we are in love with her.
4.- Only give jewelry on hand or birthday orders.

Today the jewels not only represent the solemn and formal moments of our life. There are many relevant and significant moments. Surely you have many memories of moments lived with that person that are unforgettable. And if you are at the beginning of the relationship, this is a good time to create them.
They are all moments worth remembering like any other, and perhaps, in the case of those little moments like the one of the first look full of love, or that moment when that spark of illusion is reawakened by the loved one, be much more special to you than those known as true special occasions.
5.- To think that a jewel is just a matter of “serious people”.

Flatly no. Jewelry can be fun and simply be a wink of how much you know that person.
6.- Only give a jewel once in a lifetime.

You have to think about what the gift symbolizes instead of the gift itself. It can be the continued symbol of how long your relationship lasts. Also of your clear and forceful intention to do so.
7.- Give something necessary.

Nothing worse when it comes to giving away than going to what the other person needs, like pajamas. A gift is something special, not something necessary. The moments when we decided to give a gift to the loved one, as in Valentine’s Day, are to express feelings, convey interest and knowledge of that special person. A pajamas does not transmit anything.
8.- Believe that a jewel is only an object.

A jewel is always more than the jewel itself. It is a detail, a symbol, it is a sign of love and intimacy, of knowledge and complicity. It’s about that person knowing that it’s really special for you.

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