Marona Ring


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Marona Ring, inner love of being.

Inspired admiration. Symbolizes empathy as a fundamental element of love. The design consists of a link of threads that create cells in the entire ring body ring. From the cells a mouth is born that enzaza the blue selenite of size navette. Color of the blue selenite is the color of relaxation and peace of mind, it is the most relaxing color. With the ring / body of the ring in the style of Precious Stones, large width. Polished / glossy finish. Own and unisex design. Unique piece made by hand. Adjustable by the client himself.

The time we need to make this ring, again, is three weeks from your purchase. Both the ring and the mineral will be as similar as possible, never exactly the same.The minerals are unique, we always look for the most similar to the original.

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