The Artisan Jewelry

Who I am?

I am a woman with a high artistic and sensitive sensitivity. I have found in artisan jewelry how to express feelings and turn them into jewelry.

Through artistic jewelry I create unique pieces that convey emotions. Reaching the deepest of the essence of each person, making their interior vibrate. Motivated and excited I investigate and study new techniques carefully. With the intention of transmitting to the people the emotion and dedication behind each of the jewels.

Having a family full of artists, in childhood, the word learning and art went hand in hand. Mud sculptures, painting and hands as tools, it was how it all began. Shortly after, being in an area with beach and mountains, nature opened many doors. Elements such as shells, boulders, bark of trees, dried flowers, began to be pure inspiration. The artistic world every day had and has new doors, to investigate even the deepest of each of them.With the task of teaching the world the beauty of Txispy’s art connecting with their souls. From sharing experiences and lessons to a loyalty friendly.

What we do in Txispy Jewelry

At Txispy, we have been designing and crafting jewelry since 2011. Happy artisans, excited about their work, who firmly believe in the well-done work that crafts offer.

That is why we lovingly work each of the jewels, taking care of every detail, making each one unique. We believe that in each jewel, in the end, effort, creativity and dedication are appreciated.

We make our jewels – rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants – being environmentally friendly. We use natural waxes to polish, natural pigments to give colored skates.

My name is Mariona Blesa Santafé, D.N.I 47843770 K. c / Apel.les Fenosa nº12-3º-1ª, 43700 El Vendrell, Tarragona.



We shape your ideas by creating your unique, personalized and exclusive jewel. We always strive so that the result exceeds expectations and we are glad to say that more and more people entrust us with their small desires, alliances and jewels.
We offer customized budgets, demonstration workshops, jewelry classes (amateur or professional).



The materials with which we make our jewelry are noble metals. We set pearls, precious stones, minerals and other materials or objects.

As you can see on the web, we usually use sterling silver, gold and other noble metals we work on request